Saturday, March 11, 2006


Today i went outside chicago, to sub urbs and air quality was much better. fun to breathe!suddenly it started lightning and rained. in chicago though it looks pretty clean - but you feel that not enough oxygen is getting to lungs.

I learnt that in America ehen you throw away a car tyre, you should keep the iron rim with you. The benefit of tubeless tyres - atleast here, is that air does not need to be checked very often.
Here all the roads have an area to the edge where no body is allowed. But in case of trouble you can switch on the HAZARD LIGHT and take it to that area called SHOULDER.
Driving is even more smoother as most cars are gearless.
Average temperature is 40F, like 10C, and it feels comfortable.

Back in Punjab...its cricket time. The most useless game in the world!


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