Saturday, March 04, 2006

beautiful weather

its saturday, beautiful weather. Generous sunshine, seasonably chilly. Light northeast winds. Lakeshore highs in the mid/upper 30s; low 40s inland People were driving with open windows.
Midst some snowfall and rain we are going to have comfortable weather.

studied BizTalk during the day went to mall in evening.

Perch (fish) Fillet $2.23, Crab Meat $1.94, Fresh Octopus $8.54, Seafood Mix $2.50, Chicken Legs $1.28, Broccoli $1.58,Lettuce Red Leaf $0.89, Grapefruit $1.78, Tropicana Orange juice $2.99.

So state of the kitchen is good. Looks like a dead zoo.

all i know for now is to cook octopous i need to relly pull off its tentacles, and remove the ink sac, beak. It looks brown like coke. and frozen. SO Folks, join me on dineer!!


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