Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pork noodles cure Jet Lag

i reached in apartment tired after saturday night...combination of 1) lack of sleep and 2) jet lag ..fell with a thud into the quilt with shoes left out. wake up hungry at 6:30 AM. Ate bread butter and left over pork flavored Top Ramen noodles. follwed later by a large glass of milk. Had a shower ..walk on a cold morning when the lakes around apartment were frozen ..and then more sleep for an hour. had another king size glass of milk with Hershey choclate syrup. its sunday..marinated the chicken breasts and drumsticks and pork stew. will cook chicken in the evening. By The Way vegetables here taste terreble So much that the only time you don't cry is - when you are cutting onions.
Went to gurdwara at 12:30 pm with some punjabi and a Telgu friend. There were some gora and spanish too. Felt great eating chick peas and dal, and salad in langar. and Gaffe what a change from eating frozen rotis. felt good only thing different from a punjabi gurudwara is that, in Arlington Heights they serve tissue paper before deg and langar. They observed the annivarsery for 40 Mukte and ...some faces did blushed when Bhai ji prayed for the youth who are giving bedawa to sikhi.


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