Saturday, January 14, 2006

Devon Street

I had a head-bath at 7 am and stood on the balcony. the droplets tend to freeze before they reached the ground. A big sqirrel wondered what they were and came to check them out. Not useful for her to build the nest. She collected some more dry maple leaves under the 'bare trunk' trees and went under a tin cover on a adjoining balcony .

Then came the morning it was a sunny morning and some heat in the sunshine as well. I left the leather jacket in apartment before going to work.

In the evening i went to Devon street (india pakistan street) and first time saw a beggar in US. A mexican or Spanish. This is 45 minutes drive from my apartment. On the way i passed in front of O'Hare Int Airport. Air plains zoom over the skies like mosquites in monsoons nights back in india. These are the busiet skies i have ever seen. By then temp had dropped to 27 F or ~ -2 degree C.


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