Friday, January 13, 2006


I arrived here at OHare on 12th. Air India it had to be late. The flight AI 127 was not allowed to fly from Frankfurt Main, as its public broadcast system was not working. They announed in lounge after every 40 minutes or so..1) Engineers are working on it 2) Had found the faulty part and waiting for replacement to arrive 3) The replacement did not work and when ladies with small kids started shouting at them they said its fixed. The flight took off at 6:30 pm local time instead of 2:30 pm. They served a cheese burger and a coke. $10 for 4 hours.No body from Air India came to give an update. They treaded passengers if they were small kids. wait the worst was to come...Before it landed at OHare - just before entering airport i made out from the wild banks that something was wrong. Few metres from touchdown it took a wild bank. and after ~7 seconds came a fluttering sound from right wing. Has the plane halted?? yes!?! Why? What Next? The East German guy sitting next to me (one seat gap) looking at me with his lips like a fish face position. I looked at him trying to find what to do next. Thank got it did not explode. I felt so happy to be alive. When i came out of OHare, Chicago at 9PM local time (8:30 IST) it was like 10 degree C. jes like a summer evening.


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